Monday, 11 May 2015

Therapy? and The Vigil at the Marble Factory, Bristol, 9th May 2015

Originally supposed to be the first gig of their 'Disquiet' tour, the gig was rescheduled to the start of May after Andy Cairns was hit with a horrendous chest infection.

Bristol band, The Vigil opened proceedings with a tight and grungy set which had tinges of Queens of the Stoneage and Rage Against the Machine thrown in for good measure. 

Fully recovered and back to his ever maniacal charismatic self, Cairns led T? through a magnificent show showcasing highlights from their new album - aided by the bass of the hyperactiveMichael' Evil Priest' McKeegan thundering across the stage and with Neil Cooper's t hard hitting thrashy drums driving from the back.

Click any photo for a full size slide show.

The Vigil