Sunday, 21 November 2010

Classic Rock - In Print

Last week, a nice wee parcel arrived through the door with a few copies of issue 152 of Classic Rock. It's a strange feeling seeing the final magazine and seeing my work in there, especially after I've read it religiously for about 8/9 years. The issue is on sale until the 8th of December. Here's some (not very good) photographs of how the work I did turned out.


  1. What a great feeling that must be, is there possibility of any more work with them? I particularly like the Nick Mason page (the Q and A headline especially) and the 'no rest for the wicked' good job!

  2. Cheers Natasha! I was pretty chuffed to even be there. Alas the Q and A headline isn't mine that's part of the mags' template, but I did typeset the article and adjusted the layout. Hope you're doing well!