Monday, 22 March 2010

Glyder "Yesterday Today & Tomorrow" Launch

A poster for the launch of Glyder's third album, in Dublin. So, if you're about in the city then, check this band out - big things are happening for them. Can't get to Dublin, catch them at the UK launch in Dumfries, 15th May!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ash T-shirt

Ash have created a competition for their fans to design a t-shirt for their next tour. The winning design will be on sale in venues across the UK and Europe and also in their online store. Fantastic opportunity or what? My idea is taken from the band's song 'Pripyat,' about the town, which was evacuated during the tragic Chernobyl explosion. The ferris wheel belongs to Pripyat fairground which was due to open two days after the accident, and therefore has never been used.
"Nature is now reclaiming

Secrets time will never tell

I listen to the deafening silence

In the beautiful lost citadel"

Ash, 'Pripyat' 2009

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Lights, Camera..Action!

This is the first project of my Final Major Project, an old ISTD brief, which required a typographic interpretation of a scene from two screenplays with similar themes, settings etc. I chose two of my favourite films, Withnail & I and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Both films deal with manic egotism, crazed debauchery, and explore the disillusion left in the aftermath of the glorious sixties; the onslaught of industrialisation and explosion of cheap mass manufacture in Withnail & I, and the death of the 'American Dream' and hippie idealism in Fear and Loathing.

Onwards We Shall Go and Conquer

A competition entry to design the poster and double sided invitations for the University of Cumbria's Faculty of the Arts Summer exhibition for students showing their final year's work. All the photos taken were by complete chance, and I thought they created an appropriate visual representation for students leaving Cumbria to go into the big bad world.